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AKC Sportline German Shepherd Puppies

Pedigree of the litter

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Fievel vom Arrowood [IGP-3] has recently competed in Working Dog Championship 2023. Fievel ┬áis the 3rd generation dog owned & trained by Pedro Jimenez, with 30 years of training experience. Fievel’s sire Gus vom Windy Ridge [IPO-3] is a large-boned male who competed at the national level and exhibited an intense tracking ability. Gus’ sire and Fievel’s paternal grandfather is Alex Vom Eisenhaus [IPO3, FH], who also competed six times at the national level, is a son of the legendary Troll Vom Haus Melinda [IPO3, SchH 3]. Alex competed at the universal sieger in 2006 and 2007. On the maternal line Fivel’s grandsire is the famous producer Drago Vom Patriot.

Qvanta Last Hathy [BH/VT, IGP1 in training] has an exceptional prey drive, while being very social with humans, dogs, children, and even farm animals. Qvanta’s sire, Ingbert Vom Wolfsweiher [DPO-1] has served in the German Police force before being retired into breeding. Her dam, Tobi Vom Haus Ming, is the daughter of the famous Xanuk Vom Grauen Star, who competed at international level, placing in the third, second and even first place across the years. Scroll to the bottom of the page for competition results from a sample of the pedigree.

Videos of ancestry

Xanuk Vom Grauen Star:

Drago Vom Patriot:

Fievel Vom Arrowood [IGP-3]

Qvanta Last Hathy BH/VT under judge Tim Karchnak 54/60.

Qvanta Jump 5’5″ from sit:

Qvanta Play time:

Qvanta Last Hathy & working line Great Pyrenees at the Halloween Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair:

Qvanta & working line Pyrenees at a Maryland Mall:

One day after weaning puppies Qvanta at the Mall:

Xanuk Vom Grauen Star Official Competition Results

Alex Vom Eisenhaus Official Competition Results:

Gus Vom Windy Ridge Official Competition Results:

Drago Vom Patriot Official Competition Results: